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Matte Blue Huracan NXT *part 2*

Things are heating up with this custom build. This week we kept on cranking on the build but we also added some of our customers special requested accent color! Although we aren’t done dabbling this super cool accent color around this NXT-G2 you can certainly see it starting to take shape.


We start off where we left off last week, the only difference is now these custom pieces have the blazing yellow finish on them!


Also here is a first for the NXT, wait until you see where we tie this custom piece into!


All dry and out of the booth, that’s right we machined some custom rotors to give this NXT the sporty look it deserves. We added a bit of the accent color to really make these standout. Although it may look bold here, it’s just the right touch when the wheels are installed.


What a great look! Picture these at high speed in the sunshine! Truly one of a kind!


They are just as cool from the inside of the wheel as through the wheel!


Here’s what we we did with that custom yellow painted piece! Taking things to the NXT level! That’s why there is never to SC Carts the same!


We added some of our mesh intakes to tie everything together


This cart is looking unreal and these 14’s set it off! Check out those yellow tipped rotors peeking through.


A couple more custom touches, this front end is super aggressive! I bet you can guess what color our S logo will be?


The heart of the beast! Our SC Drive system. Our drive system blends efficiency with power!

We would love to tell you to come back NXT week but to check out more progress but SC Carts is heading to Texas to the GIS show…that doesn’t mean this amazing NXT won’t be getting worked on, our team will be cranking away behind the scenes. So you know what that means it will be double as good next post!


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