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  • SEATS: 2

    BATTERY: 72v 105ah

    CHARGING: 110v Outlet - 5 Hour Charge Time

    RANGE: 50+ KM (depending on temperature & terrain)

    WHEELS: 12"

    SUSPENSION: Lifted

    ENTERTAINMENT: Bluetooth Stereo

    FEATURES: Electric Dump Box

    LENGTH: 125"

    WIDTH: 48"

    HEIGHT: 79"

    WEIGHT: 1100lbs

  • SEATS: 2

    BATTERY: 72v 105ah

    CHARGING: 110v Outlet - 5 Hour Charge Time

    RANGE: 50+ KM (depending on temperature & terrain)

    WHEELS: 12" with Offroad Tires

    SUSPENSION: Lifted

    ENTERTAINMENT: Bluetooth Stereo

    FEATURES: Fixed Box

    LENGTH: 112"

    WIDTH: 48"

    HEIGHT: 75"

    WEIGHT: 800lbs


In the past customers were limited to having to use gas powered work vehicles to maintain their properties and farms, communities maintaining parks and pathways were limited by the same constraints. With the introduction of our all-electric work vehicles farmers can now work amongst animals without bother, and communities can carry on with the needed maintenance of greenspaces and roadways without disturbing the patrons. The ability to have a street legal work vehicle opens endless opportunities.


Introduced in January 2017 our line of NXT golf and resort vehicles disrupted the industry. In 2018 we expanded our line by adding our W2 work vehicle and in 2019 we introduced our smaller work vehicle the R4W. In 2020, after a rigorous 5yr process,  we became the first golf cart manufacturer in Canadian history to be approved as a Low-Speed Vehicle (LSV) manufacturer by Transport Canada. This means that we are the only company in our segment that is allowed to manufacturer vehicles to be used on Canadian roads of 50 kph or less. This opens the doors for commercial street legal applications for both of our work models, something never been available before.


We took into consideration what our work vehicles were going to be used for an purposely designed them for this application. Both of our work vehicles come standard with lifted suspension for ground clearance, our powerful SC Drive AC drive system. With our W2 you get a power dumping box with 1000lbs carrying capacity. Our R4W offers a compact work machine with a short wheelbase for maneuvering in confined spaces. Either choice provides you a true work machine that will excel no matter way you throw at it from mucking out stalls or plowing public sidewalks.


In 2021 we became the first manufacturer to make lithium power standard through our entire line of vehicles by installing our SC Power Cube lithium pack. We did this so that we could tune our vehicles to their full performance potential with the ability to draw over 400amps of peak power from the SC Power Cube. 40+ kms range on a single 5hr charge ensures that you will be able to complete all your chores. We used our work vehicles as the base to design our drive system because we knew if it could hold up to the abuse our work vehicles get then it would work on all other applications. Regardless of the model of vehicle you choose and whether it is our standard model, or you go through our Tailored program we equip each vehicle with the same high performance SC Drive system, ensuring that the performance is the same across the board for all of our customers.

The All-New 2023

• All-New 72v SC Drive System

• 8.1 kw SC Power Cube Lithium Pack

• 450 amp Controller

• Electro Magnetic Parking Brake

• 4 Disc Hydraulic Brakes

• Tight Radius Steering Box



NXT Work

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