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How-To Videos

How to Operate an NXT

In this video we go over how to start your cart, shift gears, change your speed settings, and use the indicator.

How to Charge an NXT

Going over how and when to charge your cart, and know when it is charged.

How to Wake an NXT Battery From Sleep

After 48hrs of inactivity our NXT Smart Batteries will automatically enter sleep mode. Watch this video to review how to wake up your battery to get back on the course.

How to Complete a Wheel Alignment

Complete a wheel alignment with only a few tools and the help of a friend.

Checking Your Tire Pressure

As temperatures change it is important to stay on top of your tire pressure to avoid any potential risks. Watch this video if you need help on how to properly check your tire pressure.

Starting Your NXT Cart After Charging

Your NXT Cart has a built in electric system integrity check after disconnecting the charger!

Attaching Your BLK ICE Cooler

Take your BLK ICE cooler anywhere you go!

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