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NXT Work

Matte Blue Huracan NXT

Color is always the hardest choice to make, and our customer had a couple different ideas on which way he wanted to go with it! But once he got to our facility it didn’t take long for him to get inspired! With a little help from the good folks over at Lamborghini matte blue was the color of choice! There’s also a very cool accent color coming too!

This cart is going to be one very cool buggy and with all the NXT’s heading up to Predator this spring this one is sure to turn some heads! Let’s get to it!


We start this super cool build off in the paint booth


Sealer laid down and ready for base coat


How about this absolutely amazing color!


All laid down and looking incredible.


As the matte paint dries we are putting the final touches on the chassis


Here we just completed testing the chassis after final assembly.


With the paint dry we got to installing the body panels!


Check it out, what a sick color!


Even though all NXT’s come with custom 12″ rims, some of our customers like to take their NXT to the next level! Check out these brand new 14’s!