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Street Legal

Canada's Only LSV Manufacturer

Any SC Carts Vehicle Can Be Made Street Legal!

What Is An LSV?

LSV stands for "Low Speed Vehicle". An LSV is fully street legal, meaning you can drive it in town and has a maximum speed of 40kmh. An LSV also includes all the safety features required to make your NXT street legal, including:

• DOT approved windshield & wiper

• 3-pt seatbelts

• side & rear reflectors

• slow-moving vehicle triangle

• side & centre mirrors

• emergency brake

Fully Street Legal

SC Carts is the only manufacturer of street legal LSVs in Canada, offering fully roadworthy vehicles designed for urban travel. With a strong focus on quality and safety, we provide Canadians with stylish and compliant transportation options

  • What is an LSV?
    An LSV (Low-Speed Vehicle) is a class of small, lightweight electric vehicles that was originally introduced to meet the short distance transportation needs of residents in gated communities. LSVs have 4 wheels and drive at a maximum speed of between 32 km/h and 40 km/h.
  • Are LSV's really street legal?
    Yes! If you opt for the LSV upgrade on your vehicle, this will make your build street legal! We equip everything required by Transport Canada to ensure you are completely legal and safe on roads with a speed limit of 50km and under.
  • Do I need a driver's license to drive an LSV?
    Yes. Our street legal LSVs are fully road-worthy vehicles, and a valid driver's license is required to drive them on public roads with a speed limit of 50km/h and under.
  • How do I insure my LSV for street use?
    ICBC and other provincial insurance companies recognize our street legal vehicle as LSVs (low-speed vehicles). when issuing your LSV, it is important to specify this category. For pleasure purposes it is a class 001 and for business it is a class 007. Please avoid using the term "golf cart" when describing your vehicle, as golf carts cannot be insured in most jurisdictions and may confuse the process.

1000% More Efficient

Than Gas

SC Carts electric vehicles offer a great way to save money on gas. Our vehicles are powered by electricity, meaning you don't have to worry about costly gas refills. The cost to fully charge a cart is only 85 cents, allowing you to save money every time you charge your vehicle. This means that you can drive further for less, giving you the freedom to explore without breaking the bank. So why not make the switch to electricity and save money on gas with SC Carts today?

Zero Emissions


At SC Carts, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the best electric vehicles on the market. We are passionate about protecting the environment and take great pride in our commitment to producing zero-emission vehicles. Our carts are fully electric and eco-friendly, designed to help you reduce your carbon footprint.

Our team is constantly innovating and developing new technologies to make our vehicles more efficient and reliable. We are proud to offer our customers the best electric vehicles our there, and stand behind our products with superior customer service.

Men with Calculator

Rebates Available

$2000 in rebates on all of our LSV equipped carts available through

Zero emission, countless benefits.

Important Note

When insuring your street legal LSV, please refrain from referring to your vehicle as a "golf cart." While we can upgrade any vehicle in our lineup to be street legal, including ones designed for golf, LSVs are not golf carts. Golf carts are not insurable in Canada. To ensure a smooth process insuring your vehicle, please be sure to refer to it as an LSV (low-speed vehicle).

British Columbia

LSV Status



Insurance Contacts

Street Legal Province-Wide


Tommy Blaauw CAIB - Senior Insurance Advisor

Westland Insurance Group Ltd.

Armstrong, BC

Office: 250-546-3144 ext. 137042

Fax: 1-866-606-2621

Shanelle Pigeau

Westland Insurance - Dilworth

1640 Lecki Rd

Kelowna, BC

250-980-8999 ext. 136696

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