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Street Legal

Low Speed Vehicles

city cart

What Is an LSV?

LSV stands for "Low Speed Vehicle". An LSV is fully street legal, meaning you can drive it in town and has a maximum speed of 40kmh. An LSV also includes all the safety features required to make your NXT street legal, including:

• DOT approved windshield & wiper

• 3-pt seat belts

• side & rear reflectors

• slow-moving vehicle triangle

• side & centre mirrors

• emergency brake

All NXT Carts Can Be Made Street Legal!

LSV Packages Start at $2000

• can be added to any NXT cart build

• ensures you cruise safely and legally on streets & roadways

• eco-friendly & energy efficient

• one of the fastest & easiest ways to get around

• cost efficient 

All NXT City Carts include the LSV Package!

lsv city carts

The Only Street Legal LSV Manufacturer in Canada!

Rebates Available

$2000 in rebates on all of our LSV equipped carts available through

Zero-emission, countless benefits.