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Lithium Batteries

The SC Power Cube 107ah 57.4v (6.1kwh) lithium battery is our standard offering in all our NXT Golf and LSV based vehicles.


The SC Power Cube 105ah 68v (7.15kwh) lithium battery is our standard offering in our lineup of NXT-City vehicles.


We have designed our SC Power Cube to perfectly match the performance characteristics of our NXT line of vehicles.

250amp Continuous Draw

5 Min 300amp Draw

1 min 400amp Peak Draw

With all these advantages it was an easy decision to become the world's first Low Speed Vehicle manufacturer to use lithium exclusively in our complete line of vehicles.

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How To Charge An NXT

Going over how and when to charge your cart, and know when it is charged.

How to Wake an NXT Battery from Sleep

After 48hrs of inactivity our NXT Smart Batteries will automatically enter sleep mode. Watch this video to review how to wake up your battery to get back on the course.

Starting Your Cart After Charging

Your NXT Cart has a built in electric system integrity check after disconnecting the charger!



We are proud to produce one of the most efficient lithium power banks in the industry. This is due in part to the system that tops up the battery’s charge as you drive down hill. However, if you live in an area with steep hills, it is important to take note of the following:

Before taking your cart downhill, please reduce the charge down to 95%, either by leaving the key on for a period of time, or driving around a flat area.

This will allow a sufficient buffer in the charge level to top up the battery as you drive downhill. If this is not done, due to the regenerative braking charge generated driving down hill, the battery system will shut off to protect the electrical system from overcharging, suddenly stalling the cart on the hill.


The SC Power Cube is more then 50% more efficient then lead acid paired with our intelligent SC Drive systems. Also, with a weight reduction of over 400lbs from standard lead acid batteries the power to weight ratio is best in class with unmatched performance.