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Updated: Nov 7, 2022

It's that time of year again, there's frost on the grass, the sun is setting at 5 PM, and the courses are closing for the season. That means its the ideal time to winterize your cart and prepare it for the cold weather ahead!

Below are our recommended steps to ensure your cart is properly stored and protected during the off season:

  1. Thoroughly clean your cart with soap and water as well as a degreaser (or other recommended cleaning products) to remove dirt and grime. If not cleaned now, it will be harder to remove later.

  2. Inspect the brakes. Check the cart for damage or other issues like loose nuts, bolts and screws. Make any necessary repairs (Or contact SC Carts for an inspection) before placing the cart in storage.

  3. Verify that the tires are properly inflated. The recommend inflation level is 25 PSI on 12" & 14" tires. Replace worn or damaged tires.

  4. Park your cart, and set it to the tow position. Release the parking brake to relieve pressure on the cable. Block the tires with bricks or wood chocks.

  5. Ensure the ignition key is set to "OFF".

  6. Connect charger cable and fully charge vehicle (solid green light on charge indication LED). Disconnect charger cable. Lift open seat bottom cushion and look on the battery box (on passenger side) for a red button. Depress the red button and you will hear a click. You can verify that the cart is off by turning on the ignition key to ensure it will not turn on. (To restart the vehicle, lift seat bottom cushion and on the battery box (on passenger side) press the red button and ensure it is depressed, then press and hold the green button until you hear a click. Then connect charger cable to wall socket for a full charge before using the vehicle.)

  7. If possible, store your cart in an enclosed garage or climate-controlled storage unit. This will help protect it from the elements. If this is not an option and the vehicle must remain outside, invest in one of our high-quality cart covers.


Not all of our vehicles need to be put away for winter, our CITY line of LSV's are fully enclosed and feature 3-speed heat so you can keep warm and cruise around town! Contact SC Carts to Make sure you have proper tires for icy roads, as well as the many other cold weather options are added on to your CITY vehicle this winter.


Tired of shoveling hundreds of pounds of the white stuff every year? Snow blower isn't quite doing the job? SC Carts offers the top of the line WNTR Plow System. It's the bullet proof choice that won't leave you out in the cold, no cables to break, no winches to fail, and no hydraulics to connect. Below are the features of this amazing snow plow:

  • Blade: CNC cut TIG, welded aluminum, powder coated finish

  • Pivot Frame: CNC cut, MIG welded steel, powder coated finish

  • Cutting Edge: Heavy Duty Rubber

  • Size: W: 54" x H: 14"

The WNTR Plow's light weight blade makes for easy use, and the rubber cutting edge ensures you can plow anything without causing damage to surfaces below the snow.


Contact SC Carts today for more info!


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