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The Lumsden Limo

Say hello to the newest cart to the SC Carts family & blog – the Lumsden Limo! This cart is all kinds of gorgeous and we can’t wait to show it off, it is sure to turn heads at Predator Ridge!


We start in the paint booth with our NXT body panels.


Next we laid down the sealer and then painted the grill black.


With the sealer dry this 3 stage custom paint job was ready for the white base coat, this is what will give the green the look we are after!


We love how bold this crazy cool color is!


Here we have the green base coat laid down


Check it out with the black grill!


Now it’s magic time! Custom mixed House of Kolor flake!


After several coats of clear, here is the result! This paint job literally looks electric!


With our NXT’s we designed the battery area to accept 6 8 volts or 8 6 volts for extreme range. Golf applications don’t require the extreme range option so we designed a custom under seat storage tray to make use of this space. This gives a bunch of extra useful area under the seat and could also double as a cooler as the water will drain out.