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The Hit of the Party!!!

This was a wild build from it’s inception, we had a tight deadline on this cart from the onset and then we got delivered a big surprise with our customer asking for it 10 days earlier then originally scheduled.

It came down to literally minutes before our customer arrived to do all the final tweaks to this one of a kind NXT, but our team nailed it! And as usual our customers are amazing, bringing us also sorts of cool “gifts” (beer,wine and food) for nailing it out early.

Super proud of our team for pulling this off after a some very late nights!

We have the coolest customers that let us build the coolest NXT’s!


We start off modifying the the rear underbody!


The rear underbody cover also gets a little nip and tuck


Next we start fitting up the pump unit.


Look how tidy our team got this to fit!


To power the extra accessories on this build we installed one of our high amp DC to DC converters, this worked in unison with our large factory DC to DC converter that powers all the standard features on the NXT


Out of the booth and it didn’t take long to start installing the body.


Wiring…we did a lot of that on this build, here we are installing a high end MTX digital amp!


Spacing the speakers for measurements