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The Alaska Queen – Golf Cart Edition

Here is a super cool NXT that we are building for a super cool customer! Our customer heads out into the wild seas hanging it all out so we can have fresh seafood in our local grocery stores! Yup just like the TV shows!

So you have to expect a wild cart for such a wild cat! Check this super cool build out, your going to love it.


In the booth all the panels have been meticulously prepped


The most important part of any paint job, the sealer (well after the prep of course)


We told it was wild!


We added a bit of contrast with a black grill


While the paint dries our assembly team finished testing the freshly assembled chassis to ensure all functions were functioning. This chassis is driving like a dream


Out of the booth and onto the cart!


WOW is all we can say, what a color!


Windshield and roof were next and this NXT is coming together!


We took a close up of the metallic flake we added, but the camera isn’t cooperating. I think the metallic is just to darn bright and is send the camera into dull mode!


Can you believe this pile of cutout fabric is going to be an amazing set of custom seats! Well believe it!

What a start to a sweet custom NXT! Next week our team will be cranking away on some more progress behind the scenes, but it will be 2 weeks before we upload more progress because we are off to the GIS show in Texas. That just means double the fun next upload!

In the meantime check out our Facebook page to see what we are doing in Texas!


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