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Supra Blue NXT

We got started on this supra cool build this week *haha get it Supra cool…* Anyways, this NXT-G2 is going to be a very cool build and we have a couple custom touches up our sleeves that are really going to set it off! Follow along you won’t want to miss a thing.


We have the NXT chassis on the lift getting it’s set of 14’s installed


This wheel package is going to set this G2 off the hook!


Meanwhile our team is hard at work wiring in our SC Drive system, getting it ready to have it’s programming loaded! The NXT is a torque monster! Once everything is programmed we seal up our controller area with our custom SC Drive enclosure.


Meanwhile in the booth our paint department already has the base coat down and it’s looking good!


Front fenders, and the base laid out smooth!


3 coats of clear have this hood shining


This color is amazing and is going to be unreal on the cart!

This is going to be a build you are going to want to follow along with, so don’t miss a thing as it comes together!

Can’t wait until next week to see what is going on at the SC Carts HQ, check us out on Facebook!


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