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Roaring Inferno NXT Edition *part 2*

This is a team favorite around the SC Carts HQ, and what’s not to love about it! It has a great stance and is a head turner. Look at how this very cool NXT came together!


Assembling the front cowl


Next we installed it on the NXT-G2 chassis


Our team moved onto the rear of the cart and started assembling the rear supports


Just in time, our upholstery department completed the seat back and it turned out great!


Here’s an awesome shot of the custom wheel package!


Look how sweet this buggy looks!


We just can’t get enough of this NXT-G2

This lifted G2 pretty much speaks for itself, it’s certainly going to turn heads on it’s local course in Williams lake! We had such a blast building it.

Have you seen part 1 of this wicked build?

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