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PRESS RELEASE - Purolator NXT Cart

In an effort to lower vehicle emissions and improve customer experience in densely populated areas Purolator partners with SC Carts to build custom LSVs for last-mile delivery.

SC Carts, a Vernon, BC based electric vehicle manufacturer is proud to announce their partnership with Puralotor to outfit them with custom low speed electric vehicles (LSVs) in support of Purolator’s effort to lower vehicle emissions and improve customer experience in densely populated areas. The LSVs will help Purolator streamline operations starting with the launch of their pilot program in Vancouver, BC.

The partnership offers an innovative solution to last-mile delivery challenges and environmental impact in urban centers by increasing network capacity, reducing carbon footprint and providing greater delivery flexibility. SC Carts is the only certified Canadian LSV manufacturer in their class, which means their built to suit line of NXT CITY LSV vehicles are fully street legal on all 50km per hour roadways and are 100% electric.

“LSVs offer a huge opportunity, not only for companies like Purolator but also for individuals who want to decrease their carbon footprint as well. With our line of NXT CITY’s you have all the functionality of a regular vehicle in a compact energy efficient package, and the fact that they are fully customizable, well that part is just really fun,” said Jeff Holomis, CEO SC Carts. “We’re in a cultural pivot right now and people are taking notice of electric vehicles and wondering how they can fit into their lives. Compact electric vehicles are the future, and we couldn’t be more proud to work with Purolator on their last-mile initiative.”

Est. in 2010 SC Carts evolved from a custom golf cart re-builder to an industry leading manufacturer of the exclusive line of custom production NXT LSV electric vehicles.

Who are we at our core? A group of passionate people doing what we love while disrupting the status quo of an age-old industry.


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