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Official Public Statement - Oct 4, 2023

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

It has come to my attention that there is a campaign spreading misinformation about SC Carts being a Canadian LSV manufacturer. Allegations state we buy our vehicles on Alibaba and resell them at an inflated price. These allegations are completely untrue, so I wanted to set the record straight with a few details and facts.

Where are our vehicles manufactured?

  • We proudly make our vehicles in Vernon, BC, Canada and are in fact currently the only Transport Canada certified and approved Low Speed Vehicle Manufacturer (LSV) in our class.

What Canadian regulation do we meet?

  • All vehicles manufactured in Canada are required to comply with Canada Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (CMVSS). As a Canadian LSV manufacturer we are required to follow the specific guidelines in order to demonstrate compliance. As such we have been granted the right to affix the National Safety Mark (NSM) by the Minister of Transport. The NSM is a maple leaf shaped logo which bears our unique Canadian manufacturer number and is affixed to every single LSV we produce.

What does it mean to be Canadian made?

  • the last substantial transformation of the good occurred in Canada.

  • at least 51% of the total direct costs of producing or manufacturing the good have been incurred in Canada.

We are between 80-85% of the total direct cost of producing and manufacturing our vehicles in Canada and we combine the parts and components that we manufacture and source both locally and globally to produce our vehicles, which meets the criteria of a substantial transformation here in Canada.

What exactly do we do in our Vernon, BC manufacturing facility?

  • At our Vernon, BC facility we have the following departments: welding, fabrication, upholstery, paint, production, QC, tech support, sales, and customer service. All of these departments work together to bring our vehicles to life, whether that be an inventory build or something totally custom for a special-order customer.

Where do we source our parts from?

  • We are a Canadian manufacturer, which means we source many of our raw materials from Canadian suppliers, ranging from aluminum, to fabrics, and more. We also use a global supply chain for many components that we cannot produce ourselves, and are not available from suppliers in Canada, such as, but not limited to, motors, differentials, batteries, etc... Countries we source our components from include USA, China, Germany, India, and others.

How many Canadian jobs do we provide?

  • We currently employ 22 people who work out of our Vernon, BC manufacturing facility and our Kelowna, BC showroom. Jobs include assembly, fabrication, sewing, painting, marketing, operations, sales and management.

I invite anyone to come and tour our manufacturing facility in Vernon, BC to see what we have going on for yourself. We take great pride in our work and have an amazing group of employees who work tirelessly to provide a superior product and service every single day.

As the leader in Canadian LSV manufacturing it’s a shame to see a company in the electric space spending time trying to pull others like us down vs helping to move the industry forward collectively. I personally have been in the manufacturing space since 2000 and will continue to keep my eye on the end goal, as I always have and provide our customers with a top-quality product, service and support.

All the best,

Jeffery Holomis,

CEO, SC Carts

public statement 10-04-23
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