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Nightcrawler NXT

Say hello to the next custom NXT to drop from SC Carts! The Nightcrawler is sure to turn heads once it heads to its new resort home this spring! There won’t be another buggy like it anywhere!


Here was the original concept for this cool buggy!


Into the booth with all the panels prepped!


Painting these custom carts is quite the process and we don’t miss a step, here are the panels in sealer


Next we laid down undercoat, these colors are never great but they are what gives the depth to the paint job.


See what we mean, this is with the pearl top coat…with out the undercoat the pearl would just be a diamond in the rough 🙂


The body is dry and we started assembly, notice the different shades of color, and is this only from indoor lighting, this color is going to be amazing in the sun!


Rear seat kit installed, when we designed the NXT we wanted the rear seat kit for our 2+2 carts to be an integral part of the chassis not an add on!


The heart of all of our NXT beasts…SC Drive!


Our customer ordered an SC Carts battery maintainer for off season storage of his battery pack, we install the additional port right by the main charging port.


Check out these killer 14’s!


This paint color loves the silver in the wheels, here we installed the roof uprights and folding windshield


Next our extended roof was installed, this is a standard feature on all of our 2+2 NXT’s


We like to push the design styling on all of our NXT’s, for that we turn to our CNC machine!


The finished product installed on the body.


Every detail is important to us, our team takes everything into consideration, like the color matched pinstripe with both silver and black stripes.


This cart is coming together.


With only a couple finishing touches left, this NXT will be ready for spring delivery to meet our customers timeline!

We have a couple tricks up our sleeve, like our super cool new floor mats that haven’t even been released yet and the custom steering wheel setup. Make sure you come back next week!

If you can’t wait to see what’s going at the SC Carts HQ, then head to our Facebook page and get the scoop!


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