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Skyler C.


I am honestly blown away by the quality. This was strange buy for me, not seeing in person or test driving. It led to me being quite skeptical. It is nicer than anything I've seen before and I am very proud to own my own NXT!

Rich G.

Vernon, BC

WOW! absolutely amazing! You and your team have done an unbelievable job and have exceeded my expectations! Which is not easy as I have been dreaming of this for a long time. As a kid collecting golf balls in smelly ponds and creeks at the local public courses to pay for my round of golf, to get to a place in my life where I can afford my own golf cart and share it with the family. I almost have tears in my eyes. I can't thank you enough!

Tyler M.


The cart turned out awesome and I couldn't be happier! Your team did a wicked job. I actually got to play a few holes last night when the cart showed up. I have had tons of compliments already and people asking where it came from. Once again, you guys did awesome, thanks again for everything!

Lex C.

Chilliwack, BC

I would of emailed sooner but I spent most of my evening in the garage admiring my cart! Let me say... it is an incredible product, design, fit and finish, the detail, the ride...very impressive... world class!

Peter K.

Cathedral City, California

I am sure glad I own an NXT!!!

Robert G.

Kelowna, BC

Hi Jeff! All I can say is WOW!! You guys knocked it out of the park! Thank you again!

Janice M.

Kelowna, BC

I wish every business was as fast, efficient and friendly as you guys!

Paul D.

Predator Ridge

Got it! Drove it! Love it!

Programmed the home-link - works very well...

Programmed and paired my phone to the sound system - all set!

Now.... how many strokes will this beautiful ride shave off my game?? Seriously though.. thank you, one and all, for a lovely job well done... Looking forward to showing her off in the neighborhood next spring! Continued success and best to you for the winter season!

Doug and Shelly J.

Sunset Ranch

Hey guys!

Today we played our first round of golf. To and from our house on rabbit and 18 holes (army golf) on turtle and the cart handled fantastic! No issues with turning tight corners, no rubbing and the seats are so comfortable! All of that and the battery was sitting at 78% when we got home! We are so happy!

Michael G.

North Carolina

Jeff! You have an outstanding team that knows how to keep their clients engaged and aware of whats going on with their respective build. The blogs were awesome and rest assured they were viewed many times. I have looked high and low for a custom cart that will stand out... AND YOU BUILT ME ONE! Thanks for that, and I look forward to spreading the NXT word! Thank you in advance for all your help and support!

Brad L.

Predator Ridge

Great service Jeff. No wonder I am seeing so many carts of yours up here. Word of mouth is your best advertisement and that’s the way everything works up here. Plus they look great too, which also helps….. Appreciate it,

Roger G.


I love it and so does my wife Kelly! Thanks so much to you, Jeff, Ian, and the entire gang there at SC Carts! 😊🤩🙏

John S.

Predator Ridge

Jeff, we are using it a lot and loving it !!!!

Johnny D.


I appreciate it Jeff!  The cart is an absolute hit by the way!  My parents love cruising around with a bus full of kids!

Bruce H.

Predator Ridge

Thanks for building us such a sweet cart, It’s getting rave reviews!

Linda W.


Things are going well with the W2 cart.  Leaving it out for a bit in the sun allows it to charge up pretty well, after I use it.  It is just dandy for taking hay out to the horses.  And I love how quiet it is.

Brian and Patsy O.

Mabel Lake, BC

Cart running great! Played 18 holes yesterday for the first time.  Drove a km to the course, played 18, drove back, still showing battery level was 99 percent. Thinking the lithium ion battery was a good decision. Thanks for your help with our purchase. Getting a lot of good comments on the looks also.  Have a great day!

Dan and Jill B.

Osoyoos, BC

Thank you for everything you’ve done to get us our Blueberry. It’s exactly what we expected!

Mark N.

Williams Lake, BC

We took it out on the course yesterday, love the performance and super comfortable. It attracted a lot of attention at the clubhouse,. We are teeing off at 1:00 today, tomorrow and Wednesday so it will get a good workout. The only thing missing is air conditioning (+32 here today), hahaha.

Thanks again!

Paul M.


Hi Jeff, I put just under 1400 kms on the car this summer, about 145 rounds of golf. It was a great year & I really enjoyed the cart.