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2023 NXT R4 (48v) (#1899)



Another great addition to our inventory, this NXT R4 features our classic Oxfam Green paint and is an awesome multi passenger vehicle.

Included in this build are all the standard features, 2 front facing & 2 rear facing seats, 48v 105ah SC Powercube battery, and Bluetooth stereo. This beauty is ready to be taken home today!


Oxfam Green (Matte Finish)

Standard Features


BATTERY: 48v 105ah

CHARGING: 110v Outlet - 5 Hour Charge Time

RANGE: 50+ KM (depending on temperature & terrain)

LIGHTING: LED Road Ready Package

ENTERTAINMENT: Bluetooth Stereo

Price Breakdown

48v NXT R4 Base Price - $19,495

TOTAL - $19,495

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