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The Phoenix at Crystal Sands Resort

Say hello to the latest beauty to drop from SC Carts! This custom NXT is going to Crystal Sands Resort on Mara Lake this spring, and there is no doubt it’ll turn heads! From the gorgeous paint to the chrome rims (wait until you see them next week!) we know that this cart will come together perfectly!


We are in the booth to start this build off, here is the body in the booth after getting sealed


Next we laid down the under coat for this awesome color


Then came the base coat color.


On to several layers of clear and this color is lookiing super classy


With the body dry it was time to assemble it. You can see our SC Drive system peaking out from the rear compartment.


Doing another test on the headlights after assembly


Next we installed the windshield and rear foot platform.


On to the rear seat structure which folds open to carry cargo


Coming together now, the full length roof installed and looking good!


We are just waiting on the 14″ chrome rims to arrive, then we will get them installed!


While we wait for some parts to arrive our upholstery department was hard at work designing up some custom seats


Check out this super classy design!

This is where we leave you this week, we will have some great custom touches coming up in the next week, so be sure to come back and check them out!


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