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The Lumsden Limo *Part 3*

This wild NXT-G2 is complete and all we can say is wow!!! Everyone that stops by our facility just loves it…and what’s not to love! Check out all the final details that have gone into this very cool NXT!


We are back in the paint booth this week finishing off some custom touches


With all the dash components dry it was time to install them! Now that is wild, and it looks awesome!


Check out the custom color matched grill we machined on our CNC!


We added a bit more edge to this cart with our custom hood intakes! This brings in some black to the hood area.


Keeping this cart clean we opted for a simple black pinstripe to highlight the body molding


We also made a last minute wheel swap by going from the flat black wheels to this slightly brighter satin black wheels!


We did a final fit of our all aluminum custom made trunk! And it’s fantastic, fits like a glove and can be easily removed for carry bags! It’s time to send it out to powder coat to get done in a matching black


The crown jewel on this ride is our customers custom touch! Here we are setting it up on our CNC machine!


All cut and ready to go on the cart.


It looks fantastic and adds a bit more character to this NXT-G2 (not that it needed anymore character 🙂

Our entire team had a blast putting this very cool custom together! Our customers keep letting us raise the bar on our builds! If your up at Predator Ridge this year golf keep an eye out for it zipping around the community.


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