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The Lumsden Limo *Part 2*

This week we got busy on designing and machining the custom aluminum trunk, these custom features are a lot of work but they are all worth it in the end! Take a look at this weeks quick update on this super cool buggy!


Here is the simple cardboard template we made up to fit in the back of the NXT bag well


After programming it on our design software we machined it on our CNC table


Here is the piece of aluminum after we formed it into shape!


It is fitting pretty well! With a couple minor adjustments it will be perfect


A nice large opening will allow access to anything our customers want to store


While the fab team works on the metal trunk we got busy in the paint booth adding some more custom touches


It’s in the details, here we color matched the grill and the stereo surround


We even laid down some custom flake for an identical match to the body!

We made some good progress on the trunk design this week and soon it will be ready to head out for black powder coating to match the rest of the cart. Then we can get back onto the final details of this super cool build!


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