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Sunset orange NXT R4 – Part 1

Here comes a very cool build that will be turning heads up at Predator Ridge Resort this season, this color is out of this world! With the custom 14″ rims blacked out rims and one of a kind custom upholstery this R4 is going to be a very unique NXT!


Rear fenders with their golf base coat laid down


The candy paint has been laid down over the base coat followed up by several coats of clear to give it a super deep shine.


The custom upholstery patterns have been cut out and the design is ready to be sewn together


These seat skins turned out awesome and are now ready to become completed seats.


The front end assembled, how sweet is this paint color!!!


Rims are in the booth getting ready for their custom paint.


These turned out sick! What a difference some mean matte paint can make!

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