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Stretched on 17’s

Here’s one very wild build coming your way, there is so much going on with this build that you aren’t going to want to miss a thing! This custom electric resort vehicle is based on our NXT-F4 chassis and is going to be a true one of a kind build!

Some of the highlights of this crazy machine are the 17″ rims, yes that’s 17’s! Lithium battery pack, custom SC Carts roof system, amazing custom upholstery and so much more!


After assembling the F4 stretched chassis, the fabrication team got right to work on the custom roof system. Front uprights complete


Custom rolled upper roof members


Cut to length and ready to be welded


Next we headed to the CNC machine to machine out the front winshield frame out of 6061-T6 alumium sheet


Cross members perfectly coped and ready to welding


Roof system coming together


Sneak peek of the 17’s just placed in front of the cart. We are waiting on the custom adapters to arrive!

If you think this is cool, you haven’t seen nothing yet! Just be sure to come back and check this build out it’s going to blow you away!


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