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Rock Crawler NXT-F4

Here is one amazing build getting underway. This F4 is going to be off the hook with some one off customization. We are getting this week started off with custom painted suspension and under body components.


NXT-F4 chassis sitting on the lift


Suspension components drying in the paint booth


Rear swing arm and SC Drive installed


Front end coming together with the custom painted shocks


Next was the custom 14″ off-road wheel package


Under body pieces fresh out of paint


A shot from the rear, how cool is this looking!


More painted body parts being installed

We are pretty excited! And this is just the start of this crazy build! Be sure to come back next as we move forward, you won’t want to miss this!

In the meantime head over to our Facebook page and see what’s going on at the SC Carts HQ

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