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Purolator & SC Carts Collab!

SC Carts is excited to announce that we have recently completed a street legal LSV for the international courier company Purolator. Purolator approached SC Carts looking for a green solution for their Last Mile of Delivery Program, which takes care of delivering packages in urban areas.

After communicating with Purolator we produced the perfect solution, our SC City-W with a custom enclosed transportation box on the rear.

Purolator has been using the vehicle successfully in Vancouver for the past month. In fact, it has been such a success they have placed an order for another vehicle to test the pilot program in Montreal.

Purolator saw the advantages in having a small maneuverable electric delivery vehicle for urban areas and SC Carts was able to provide this vehicle for them. SC Carts is the only manufacturer in Canada that is able to do so as we are the only street legal manufacturer.


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