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NXT R4 "Hruby Red" (1623)

Ruby red paint, custom tan seats with a matching roof headliner, and sleek Spyder rims. This is what class looks like. And that doesn't even mention its performance. The off-road tires and lift kit mean this cart can drive over rough terrain with ease, and it will look amazing doing it. The design here is incredible, and I'm sure this cart will be an amazing ride for years to come.

All of our carts start out as just a frame

The red body panels have a beautiful shine to them

Take a closer look at that Spyder rim! It's covered in a glossy black paint and then machined to create beautiful metal accents along the spokes

With the seats and headliner installed, this cart is almost ready to go

Now that it's complete, it's time for some glamour shots!

Even the glossy black NXT logo looks great, and for good reason. Each one is cut out and hand painted by our amazing shop staff

The custom seats look even better in the sun

That's it for this cart! But if you're hungry for more we post builds here every Friday, and you can always find us on Facebook and Instagram!


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