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NXT-R4 Heli Hauler

Our customers do a lot of cool things with our carts and this one is on that list. It will be living out at Wild Rose Bay in the Shuswap.

Or course it will be used to run around the neighborhood but it will also be used to tow our customers helicopter in and out of the hangar!


With the body out of paint our team started installing the rear panels


A shot from the rear with the LED taillights


Our customer ordered one of our custom SC Carts roof systems, we started fitting the custom bent uprights.


Next we machined the front windshield trim.


All tacked up and ready for final welding


Back to the assembly of the cart, installing our signature trim badges


Front end put together, fresh out of the paint booth!


Our upholstery department was busy. Have a look at these marine inspired seats!

We are just getting warmed up with this build you aren’t going to want to miss a thing! Make sure to come back next week as we keep on moving ahead with it!


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