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NXT G2 "White Snowfall" (1638)

With shiny white paint and custom seats to match, this G2 is as beautiful as newly fallen snow. The Snowfall's minimalist black and white palette and snow-white seats come together to create a vehicle that looks subtle and refined. Everything about this Low Speed Vehicle (LSV) looks elegant, tasteful, and clean.

The Snowfall also offers a sneak peak into a new feature that will be included on ALL carts going forward! Our carts now come with turn signals built into the side mirrors! Whether you're out on the golf course or taking advantage of the LSV upgrade to go for a drive, this will make your ride even safer (and look great doing it)!

This compact lithium battery is the heart of all our vehicles, getting you where you need to go without all the mess of lead acid batteries or a gas powered cart

Take a look at our brand new side mirrors! With a built in turn signal, this mirror just got a serious upgrade!

We aren't satisfied just installing an NXT decal on the vehicle. Made with bold metal lettering and colored to match your cart, our carts really do look NXT Level!

The custom white sport seats with black piping add some refined style to this LSV

Everything comes together to make a cart that's as beautiful as freshly fallen snow


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