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Nautique Inspired NXT

When a customer with a great idea and is willing to let us run with it we really get hyped up about building their cart. This next build has us super excited as it is our first NXT with our custom tower roof and our customer has given us the reins on it!

You are going to want to follow this build no question about!


We are starting off with our NXT-R4 chassis, we added a custom 14″ wheel and tire package


Our paint department is working so hard this days it is tough to keep up to them, however we caught them in the act! This cart is getting an amazing and very difficult two tone paint job with heavy flake! They have already laid down the sealer, the white base, the blue base and finally the flake!


When we say flake we aren’t kidding around!


Here you can see this one of a kind two tone paint job!


This paint job is unreal, beyond the fact that we have laid down a two tone paint job, we have also laid down a 3 layer flake job. Large flakes, mini flakes and blue pearls make up this amazing finish, you can see from this picture that in the light this dark blue paint job comes to life and lightens up. The depth also comes from 5 coats of clear!


On the assembly table, the front end is ready to be installed on the cart


We have to hand it to our upholstery department, even when we are keeping it simple and clean they over deliver!


Have a close look at the stitch quality, investing in the right equipment and having the best team makes all the difference. We always strive to ensure our accent color fabric matches our paint bang on!


Our fabrication department is no slouch either, you can only imagine how this is going to turn out!

What an exciting start to this one of a kind build, we can tell you one thing, there will not be another one like it at Predator Ridge Resort! We are super stoked to keep moving ahead on this build!

If you want to keep up to date in between builds head to our Facebook page!!!


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