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Gallagher’s AMG NXT!

Here’s a cool build we have going right now. There is two reasons it’s super cool, first is because our customer is letting us model it after his AMG Mercedes and second is because this is the first NXT heading into Gallagher’s Canyon Golf Resort in Kelowna BC.

Once other’s see this head turner we are sure there will be many more NXT’s heading that way!

This cart has all the goodies, from custom 14″ rims, to our SC Power Cube lithium battery pack!


Custom 14″ rim with a custom machined vented disc for looks


Rear fender out of the paint booth and installed along with the rear LED taillight


The color and body lines of this G2 are awesome


SC Drive installed and ready to rock


Custom color matched bumper


Rear roof supports installed


Front cowl installed, we went with a chrome grill to match the customers car


Lightly tinted folding windshield was next.


A black roof, just like the customers convertible top.


5 panel rear view mirror

Come back next week as we keep the progress on this sweet custom NXT-G2 moving forward!

If you haven’t been to our Facebook page get to it!

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