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Farming on a whole new level

We are so excited to be building a John Deere themed cart for this customer’s grandpas 80th surprise birthday present! We wish we could be there for the unveiling of the cart, its always a pleasure to see our customer’s eyes POP when they see our builds. Before you know it, John Deere will be contacting us for some customized carts! Go ahead and splurge for that special someone! (Just don’t tell them, its really for you 😉 )


In the booth with a slightly modern take on the John Deere green


Color contrasting grill


Rear panels installed with the LED taillights


Side shot of the body panels


Front grill installed and it’s starting to come together


Rear roof support was next to be installed


Front roof supports and windshield

This cart is already looking amazing and we still have so many custom touches to add, from the yellow wheels and off road rubber to the custom upholstery and pinstripes. You are not going to want to miss this cart come together!


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