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CITY-W "Goldenrod"

Take a look at our first production CITY-W! Starting with our jig welded frame, this Low Speed Vehicle has come a long way. Now it's almost ready to hit the road and turn some heads!

This LSV is the perfect fusion of style and function. Our amazing design team has added power and performance to our sleek CITY lineup, all without sacrificing comfort or style. From the beautiful gold body to the robust cargo bed in the back, this street legal vehicle is sure to impress! And with the fully enclosed cab, you'll be staying warm and dry in any weather!

Starting out with our City-W frame

Already looking more like a vehicle!

With MacPherson struts, you're guaranteed to have a smooth ride!

Finally getting some of the guts put into it, here you can see the window washer tank, our heater system and the AC compressor

Now it's starting to look closer to being road ready!

With that, the rear body of the LSV is done. Time to make it look pretty!

The paneling is set up and almost ready to be installed

Front cowl installed, just look at that shine on this custom mixed color!

Almost ready to go! Just need to get the cargo bed installed.


I hope you enjoyed following along with this CITY-W build! Maybe a custom built CITY-W low speed vehicle could even be your next new ride! Come back next time to see the final touches as we get ready to send it home to it's new owner in Lake Country BC Canada where this street legal vehicle will be used for running errands and commuting around the community, how cool is that!


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