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Cathedral City California NXT-G2

Here’s a super cool build for us! This is our first NXT heading to the USA. What better place for an NXT to be going but to California!

This G2 has a couple tricks up it’s sleeves and is going to be a head turner with it’s bright blue paint, custom upholstery and lithium battery pack (not to mention the SC Drive performance motor package we snuck in it)


We started by working with our customers on a color choice for their upholstery and paint


Next we worked out a stitch pattern and added some blue stitch


In the booth with the base coat laid down and flashing off before the clear coat gets sprayed


NXT-G2 chassis, all finished with the lithium charger installed


Custom 12″ chrome rims will give this buggy a great look and a nice ride


SC Power Cube lithium pack ready to be installed

Check back next week as this cart really starts to come together!


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