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Caribbean Blue NXT

It is getting way too chilly outside, so we’re loving the idea of feasting our eyes on the color of the Caribbean Sea! Don’t mind us as we pretend we’re there, and crank the heat while we get rollin’ building this cool custom NXT.


A couple NXT’s being built


The rolling chassis is all together and has been powered up!


Brand new battery pack installed with heavy duty cables


This cart is getting one of our new angled rear bag carriers, as part of the package we install our custom wear protectors. This will keep the body looking fresh.


One thing our customers wanted was to ensure they had lots of additional storage, so we set out to fabricate just that. Here we are machining a custom piece of aluminum that will make up the storage box.


We like to add style to everything we do, and this storage box is no exception. This will slide out from under the rear seat.


Next we cut the custom front panel for the box


All formed and assembled and ready for a test fit


Tucked away under the rear seat.


Pulled out, it gives a ton of storage, the cool thing about how we designed this is that it can still be used when both bags are on the cart.


Lock installed! Now it’s time to do the final detail work and get this sent out for powder coating.


Into the booth with the NXT body


Sealer laid down


Next we laid down the Caribbean blue!


Another shot with the black grill, this is going to be a sweet looking cart!

Come back next week to see the exciting completion of this cart, we even have a couple more storage tricks up our sleeves!

If you can’t wait until next week, have a sneak peek on our Facebook page!


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