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Lithium Batteries

The SC Power Cube 107ah 57.4v (6.1kwh) lithium battery is our standard offering in all our NXT Golf and LSV based vehicles.


The SC Power Cube 105ah 68v (7.15kwh) lithium battery is our standard offering in our lineup of NXT-City vehicles.


We have designed our SC Power Cube to perfectly match the performance characteristics of our NXT line of vehicles.

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250amp Continuous Draw

5 Min 300amp Draw

1 min 400amp Peak Draw


The SC Power Cube is more then 50% more efficient then lead acid paired with our intelligent SC Drive systems. Also, with a weight reduction of over 400lbs from standard lead acid batteries the power to weight ratio is best in class with unmatched performance.

Fast Charging

Over 2x faster charging then lead acid batteries, which means lower operating costs and faster turn around time.

Zero Maintenance

No more watering batteries and dealing with spills on your garage floor.


Our battery management system ensures that your lithium battery pack will be protected from over charging or undercharging, meaning you can plug your cart in to charge at anytime without worrying about damaging your battery pack.

Cold Climates

Our intelligent lithium incorporates temperature sensing technology which activates our internal heating device if the ambient temperature becomes too cold during charging. This means the pack will be warm and ready for use with no range loss during the shoulder seasons, or winter months.

With all these advantages it was an easy decision to become the world's first Low Speed Vehicle manufacturer to use lithium exclusively in our complete line of vehicles.