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The WNTR Plow System is the bullet proof choice that won't leave you out in the cold

  • No Cables to Break.

  • No Winches to Fail.

  • No Hydraulics to Connect.

Blade: CNC Cut TIG Welded Aluminum Powder Coated Finish

Pivot Frame: CNC Cut MIG Welded Steel Powder Coated Finish

Cutting Edge: Heavy Duty Rubber

The WNTR Plow's light weight blade makes for easy use, and the rubber cutting edge ensures you can plow anything without causing damage to anything below the snow. 

W: 54" x H: 14"


Whether your cooler is on your NXT cart out on the course, or you're taking it out camping or to the beach, BLK ICE coolers are engineered to keep your drinks & snacks ice cold all day long!

Available in 3 sizes, there's a perfect BLK ICE cooler for every situation!

20L - $299 | 30L - $349 | 50L - $449


We have tire & rim options for all environments & styles! Mix and match to configure your perfect wheel style for your NXT or CITY vehicle.


  • Course Compliant Tires: These tires work best on the golf course and traverse the greens with ease. They also come standard on our NXT vehicles.

  • All-Terrain Tires: Our All-Terrain tires are a step up from the standard, they are adaptable to most rough surfaces and have an improved grip in inclement weather. 

  • Off-Road Tires: If you’re looking for the ultimate in control and durability, our Off-Road tires are for you. These tires are built for every harsh or bumpy surface and work best on our R4W, W2 and CITYW models.

Crank things up to 11 with an upgraded entertainment system!

Featuring high-quality audio from our SOUND by SC Carts gear, upgrade your stereo and speaker systems with Bluetooth capability, and multiple speaker options. Speakers can be installed in the kickplate below the seats or in the headliner, and we can also install a bass boosted sub behind the seat so you can really experience surround sound!

Check out our specialty audio packages:

Clarity: Head unit – x2 speakers in the kick plate.

A great upgrade providing nice clear sound

Enthusiast: Head unit - x4 speakers mounted in the headliner.

Taking the music level up a notch with some depth and style by adding the headliner.

Audiophile: Headliner – head unit – x6 speakers mounted in the headliner, x2 amps, 10” sub with custom box - bass capacitor.

For the true, maybe borderline crazy, audio enthusiast taking music to another level.

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